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ABP Capital’s collaborative culture is a key success factor in our successful private equity and investment relationships. We take a creative and flexible approach to private equity investment. Financing transactions in a prudent manner, we take into account the capital requirements necessary to timely meet each company’s needs. Our in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries enhances our ability to create deals, conduct effective due diligence, and turn opportunities into growth.

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In 1981, Mr. Alsenz and Mr. Becker founded Avant Systems, now Trivec Avant Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced antenna systems to the U.S. and NATO governments, as well as commercial integrators and manufacturers. Because of the group’s in-depth antenna knowledge, unparalleled technical support and rapid prototyping capability they have been a first choice for applications requiring the ultimate in antenna solutions. Trivec-Avant’s sale to Cobham in 2011 totaled in excess of $184 million. At the time of sale, Trivec-Avant reported $22.6 million EBITDA. Visit Company Website >


Mr. Alsenz and Mr. Becker founded Lightning Diversion Systems in 1982. The group has developed several patented and proprietary products that are used to prevent electrical damage to in-flight military, commercial and business aircraft. All products have been tested and are being used worldwide both in military and commercial applications. Lightning Diversion Systems’ quality system is AS9100 compliant. Visit Company Website >


Praesidio bridges the gap between Governance and IT by linking your cybersecurity policies with the millions of events where threats hide. It aggregates data across all cybersecurity tools to provide real-time management reporting that proves to your security team, board, auditors and regulators that your Financial Institution (FI) is actively managing and enforcing its policies. Praesidio’s integrated policies and best practices help FIs know, definitively, that they are safe. Visit Company Website >


Vuori was born out of a shared passion for yoga, surf, art, music and the active lifestyle of Encinitas, Ca. Founded when friends, pro-skateboarder Chris Miller and Joe Kudla shared a mutual frustration of not being able to find yoga or performance clothing that fit their lifestyle. They were seeking product that performed exceptionally yet effortlessly aligned with their west coast style. Thus, the Vuori journey began to bring a new perspective to the men’s yoga and fitness market. Visit Company Website >